Underground Coffee

Interrupting Mass Incarceration. One Cup At A Time.

The official homepage for Underground Coffee in Skagit Valley, WA. Employing the formerly incarcerated. Farm direct with Honduras. 


A new "underground railroad"--like the one that led to the collapse of slavery in our nation long ago--is emerging. 

There are 2.5 million Americans locked up in jail and prison today. Mostly for low-level offenses.  And tens of millions more remain in an underground social class in our communities--where criminal records block access to jobs, housing, licenses, education, and a new life. 

So folks go to back to the street economy.  And prison.

We are helping interrupt that cycle--with artisan coffee roasting.

Founded by Tierra Nueva's jail chaplains in the Northwest's Skagit Valley--together with a former meth-cook-turned-small-batch-coffee-roaster--Underground Coffee creates gateway employment for men and women exiting the legal system. 

We believe there are "transferable skills" from the streets. Now employees roast, weigh, bag, and deliver a different product--fresh, single-origin, boutique-roast coffee--to homes, churches, and businesses across the country.

Also: proceeds are funding a new generation of outreach workers at Tierra Nueva: "Emerging Leaders" with tattoos, records, and resurrected lives.

America's original "underground railroad" was an informal network of homes, communities, and businesses who linked together with released captives. Join us.

We want to transform coffee roasting, the lives of those emerging from prison, and even our conversations about justice and redemption today.

Over a cup of coffee.